What are Canadians drinking?

VINEXPO presents the world’s largest and most important wine exhibition every other year in Bordeaux.  The organization has also commissioned a detailed study from The International Wine and Spirit Research Consultancy and produced an in-depth analysis of world wine and spirits consumption, production and trade trends, and a five-year forecast.  The report contains some interesting data about wine consumption in Canada.


Despite the recession, Canadian wine consumption increased by 14.55% to 518.52 million bottles between 2007 and 2011.  Projections indicate that consumption will continue to grow by an average of 3% annually, three times the worldwide rate of wine consumption and the fifth-fastest growth overall.  Chimo, eh?


Despite growth of 10.71% in sales of Canadian wine between 2007 and 2011 almost three out of four bottles consumed in Canada in 2011—72.36%–were imported.  Prognostications for 2012 to 2016 indicate a further increase of 7.72% in Canadian wine sales, outpaced by a 16.75% figure for imported bottlings. 


Italy has now surpassed France as our principal supplier of imported wines, sending us in 6.28 million cases in 2011.  That’s 16.1% more than they did in 2007.  France is in second place with 5.72 million cases.  Sales of wines from Chile, Spain and especially the U.S.A. and New Zealand all grew significantly during the study period.


Canadians are buying costlier wine than we used to.  Bottles sold at retail prices higher than US$10 per bottle accounted for 69.5% of all still wines purchased in Canada in the study period, and growth in this category is expected to grow by 30.45% between 2011 and 2016.  (Hallelujah, I say.  Life’s too short to drink insipid wine, however low the price.)


What’s the hottest trend in Canadian wine consumption?  We’re starting to think pink.  Still rosé wine sales only account for 3.63% of sales here–less than the 9.2% in the rest of the world or the 15.78% in the U.S.A.—but that 3.63% figure represents an increase of 38.24% between ’07 and’11, with an even greater growth of 45.41% forecast for 2012 to 2016.


[For more information about the VINEXPO wine and spirits consumption study contact Sopexa Canada, Johanna Raynaud, Tel : 514 288-5802, vinexpo.ca@sopexa.com]




About iwolkoff

Irvin Wolkoff is a psychiatrist and wine journalist who has been a wine enthusiast and collector since his university days.
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