Raccoon Palisade: Late Developments

Spurred to action by the loss of a ripe Tennessee Green, the Queen of Cuisine has installed j-shaped ground staples to anchor the inferior perimeter of the chicken wire to the ground.  She reinforced this defence with another string and added more strings to the superior perimeter just in case.


About iwolkoff

Irvin Wolkoff is a psychiatrist and wine journalist who has been a wine enthusiast and collector since his university days.
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2 Responses to Raccoon Palisade: Late Developments

  1. epp416 says:

    It’s almost time.

    The final solution:


    Bonus: critters to smoke and grill. I’ll bring the pretzel buns and mustard.

    • iwolkoff says:

      Another emotionally satisfying solution. The problem is that “electricity” would take the form of “cattle wire” connected to a 12-vold battery. It tingles more than grills, and I’ve heard that raccoons don’t mind a midnight tingle every now and then. Getting smoke would require household current, making it too dangerous. Meanwhile, it looks like the current palisade is working.

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