Raccoon palisade: Over the Top

After the most recent attack on our tomato patch (likely by one small animal) the Queen of Cuisine has added a new layer to our aerial defence perimeter–black nylon netting that was once the protective screen around our kids’ trampoline.  So far, it’s held.  We think it would confound the ‘coons and tangle them up if they tried to climb on it.  I hope it works, in no small measure because if it doesn’t, I fear Her Majesty will start knocking steel balls together in the palm of her hand while muttering about strawberries and “Old Yellowstain.”Netting tops raccoon palisade


About iwolkoff

Irvin Wolkoff is a psychiatrist and wine journalist who has been a wine enthusiast and collector since his university days.
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One Response to Raccoon palisade: Over the Top

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I’m just wondering what she is going to do when an animal gets tangled up in this amazing structure. At this point I would just head to a farmers’ market and buy a basket of his/her produce and give up. I do admire her determination and recycling of materials though. Good luck. Those tomatoes sure will taste good once (or if) they hit your dinner plates.

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