Hiro Sushi: A Fabulous Restaurant Adds a Knife Store and Sake Lounge

Hiro Yoshida has been creating and serving exquisite sushi and other Japanese culinary delights in Toronto for decades. His specialty is “omakase,” a traditional form of service in which the host assumes full responsibility for the guest’s menu. His fish is of the highest quality. When possible he uses local seasonal ingredients. He creates his dishes on the fly, so there’s never any possibility of boredom. The kitchen dishes, prepared by the indomitable Rei, are poetic.

If exceptional food isn’t enough, Hiro gives his guests a warm Japanese cultural embrace. He creates an atmosphere of respect and friendship, and encourages guests to get to know each other. He plays his beloved jazz and swing music to add to the mood. (Nina Simone is his favourite.) His servers, mostly foreign exchange students with temporary work permits, are uniformly intelligent and helpful. All in, you’ve got to love this place.

Hiro recently opened his renovated establishment, formally called Hiro Sushi Restaurant, Catering and Knife Store (171 King Street East,www.hirosushi.ca) The knife store, with a range of impressive Japanese steel knives in all shapes and sizes, doubles as a sake lounge after 6:00 pm. The opening was an excuse for a great party. Best of all, it gave Hiro’s friends to show him the respect and affection he’s earned looking after us well for many years.

Hiro and knives
Hiro is justifiably proud of his new “Kotobuki”  knife store and sake lounge.

Hiro sake bar sign


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Irvin Wolkoff is a psychiatrist and wine journalist who has been a wine enthusiast and collector since his university days.
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