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Omissions on Armagnac

Two readers have kindly commented on my Armagnac post with information about differences between the production of Armagnac and that of Cognac.  My wine writing colleague Rick van Sickle noted that unlike Armagnac, Cognac is double distilled.    Bruce Heinmiller wrote … Continue reading

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Fifty-Plus-Year-Old Armagnac

Armagnac is the unsung hero of French brown spirits.  The brandy is named for its region of production adjacent to big brother Cognac in southwestern France.  Both products are made from roughly the same grape mix, harvested early to preserve … Continue reading

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Rioja Bordon: Delicious, Inexpensive and Crafted to Last for Decades

It’s no accident that the Rioja region in northern Spain is home to some of the world’s greatest red wines.  For starters, the zone is snugged up against mountains that offer protection from wind and rain.  Next, the wines are … Continue reading

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